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First things first. . . "HELLO" :) 


I'm going to share "all the things"

In 2013, my world changed for FOREVER! Just 3 months after my divorce was final, the father of my youngest son passed away at the young age of 35. 

HOW? A Spider Bite! (YES- FOR REAL!)

This in itself shook me to my core, and put my purpose for life in full gear! I promptly took on the role as the ONLY parent in my son's life and started on a journey that I needed to pursue. My motivation was NOT more money, but for more abundance in my life! Abundance for me at the time had NOTHING to do with income. I wanted to be there for my son and that required flexibility. 

I promptly without hesitation, quit my job as a marketing director. I then pursued my passion in marketing further and started my own marketing and social media business. Within 1 month, I was making what I was making in my full time career. In 3 months I was at consistent $10k months with retainer clients! 

In this masterclass I will walk you through all of the nitty gritty of "all the things" . . .the systems, the pricing, the management of the clients, the lead generation, and even how and when I hired my first employee (that's still with me today!).


Registration is limited!

What: Social Media Hustle Masterclass 

When: April 3rd, 2020 @7pm

Where: VIP link (I'll email it to you)

Why: Because social media and online marketing is a growing and changing eco system and there is sooo... much opportunity out there!

This class is for you if...

  • You want to get into the social media management or marketing industry.
  • Desire flexibility and a comfortable lifestyle
  • You want to start a business, and enjoy marketing, but aren't sure how to piece it all together to make it work and scale!
  • You no longer want to work for someone else, and crave something MORE!

Prepare to Master 

Social Media 4-1-1

How I keep up with the changes that clients need and don't get overwhelmed. 

Using Linkedin

How I used Linkedin to make my first sales with ease!


The tools that I used to streamline and organize each client without any mix up or confusion.


How to sell wiithout ever feeling pushy, and never needing to be salesy!

Handling Q&As

For those that join the webinar, you will get a cheat sheet of the most common Q&A's that I've had with clients.

Following Up

The tactful ways to follow up with prospects and how to know WHEN to follow up long before they even reach out!

Designing the Packages

My system for buiilding out retainer packages for my clients and what the terms look like for my agreements. 

Getting Feedback

How to get referrals and feedback automatically and how to use the good and the not so good, to your best advanatage!


What: Social Media Hustle Masterclass 

When: April 3, 2020 @7pm EST

Where: LINK will be provided via email 

Why: Because social media and online marketing is a growing and changing eco system and there is sooo... much opportunity out there!


Get your ideas flowing! 

As a "thank you" bonus for registering for the masterclass, I will give you a list of 16 things that you can specialize in as a marketing or social medai manager!